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Podcast 89 Business Card 101!

  This is a cut up version of our 101 small business mastermind podcast #89. It will teach you very valuable things about what makes a successful business card and how to pass them out. Plus tells you about how you are to react when you get a business card. When you are networking it’s […]


Podcast 87 What is important on a successful website!

This is a cut down video or our 101 small business mastermind podcast 87. You will see an overview of what you need for a successful website.  


Podcast 86 Learn to make a good flyer!

Learn how to make a good flyer and these principles also apply to other marketing materials. A step by step guide will help you design marketing materials that really work! Enjoy..     Download the PDF How to make a GREAT flyer PDF


Understanding shared value experience…

First, what the heck is a shared value experience? Well that is where your business goals overlap your customers goals. That is the place where you make your sales and make relationships with your customers. Did you ever wonder why your sales are down or lower than you wanted? Well this explains that in spades. […]


Keyword Density and what it means for you!

Keyword Density   I’m sure by now you understand what a keyword is. But for those who don’t, a keyword describes what your webpage or blog post is all about. Keywords are far more complicated than that but that will work for now. In the past webmasters used to use what is known as “black […]

Website Conversion

Website Conversion and get more clients

Website Conversion…change your visitors into clients! You can spend a ton of money getting traffic to your website and then not convert them into clients! The normal conversion is about 1% of all your visitors will become customers. It can be higher than that depending on some techniques for your website. Without a doubt, if you […]


Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis   What is competitive analysis and why should we care about it?   You need to compare your competition as relates to your Internet space. To be able to have a winning formula on the internet you need to know exactly what your competition is doing. Are they using particular keywords, or are […]


Why use social media for your business

Why use social media?   Everybody is talking about social media (Why use social media?) and how it can really help your company. That is obviously hype however there is a well-founded or well-grounded fact that if you use social media properly, it can get you lots more traffic and customers.   The important thing […]


Online Marketing Strategy

Online marketing strategy   Online marketing strategy is a must! What??? You don’t just put up a website and they will come? NO… Really? Haha… That is what everyone is told to believe and by whom? The answer is easy: webmasters that don’t know how to market on the Internet. Here you will learn about […]

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Mobile Search

Mobile Search   Mobile Search… the importance of a mobile friendly website!   Recently this year Google decided that it was vitally important that every website be mobile friendly. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, then Google will not show it in a mobile search! So what you say?   Consider this: 82% of Americans […]