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They used to say build a website and they will come!


Most of us found that out the hard way. Well I used to have a large internet company making websites but all the time we won awards we didn’t drive any traffic to our clients. I always thought that was a terrible thing. So when I came out to the desert to live; I took two years off to research just how to drive traffic and convert that traffic to clients.

Once I had what I believed was the game plan off I went. I drove a bunch of traffic at one of my sites and converted at about 1%. That is an average conversion rate for a website so I think I found out how it all works together. That is the good news as it constantly changes and with the likes of Google manipulating your placement in search and thus your traffic it became even more important to find other ways to drive traffic. The bottom is affordable website creation that can convert visitors to customers!It was kind of funny too as I took a dry eraser to my big front windows overlooking the Salton Sea. It ended up looking like a third world military attack map! I spent those two years following these Internet wonders who make millions of sales off the web and asked “How did they do that”? I am an engineer by degree so the science of the whole Internet was what I ultimately mapped out. 

All this time I was proving the bits and pieces of the Internet map I did find more hidden gems. Then came, who I call my Canadian Clients. They wanted me to build them a web, well you listen to the video below to learn about that however suffice it to say, I was onto something.

Everyone wants their site to generate cash for them. It’s not easy and it doesn’t happen overnight either. But it can happen and the sooner you get on the map the faster that will happen for you too. 

Here is what we know that maybe you don't!

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