Website Conversion

Website Conversion and get more clients

Shared Value Experience Website Conversion…change your visitors into clients! You can spend a ton of money getting traffic to your website and then not convert them into clients! The normal conversion is about 1% of all your visitors will become customers. It can be higher than that depending on some techniques for your website. Without a …

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Online Marketing Strategy

Search Words Online marketing strategy Online marketing strategy is a must! What??? You don’t just put up a website, and they will come? NO… Really? Haha… That is what everyone is told to believe, and by whom? The answer is easy: webmasters that don’t know how to market on the Internet. Here you will learn …

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A list of our services follow with links to their individual pages:1) Keyword Research2) Competitive Analysis3) Website Construction4) Article Marketing5) Article Spinning6) Consultation Time7) Website Video Review (FREE)8) Social Media Channel Setup9) Social Media Operation10) Social Media Instruction11) Product: DIY website excel program12) Podcast Creation 

Important videos from

Important videos from infocard Learn from our important videos from Over the years we have made lots of great podcasts and we have them on this page for your enjoyment. You can also see other super great business videos over on one of our podcast site  Videos are king! Videos have become one of the most important …

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Digital Property Strategy

The strategy for your website or better yet your web properties is vital to your success. No more is it build it and they will come. For example you might want a number of microsites or landing pages that orbit your main website just like a hub with spokes going out to your other properties. Why …

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Richard Bentley… Legal ShieldI first met Peter at a networking meeting about a year ago that would be September 2013. I was six months into my home based business and struggling mightily with today’s cyber world, I knew I had to get into the 20th century of websites, social networking, S E O’ S ,Key …

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