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Understanding shared value experience…

How to make a good flyer First, what the heck is a shared value experience? Well, that is where your business goals overlap your customer’s goals. That is the place where you make your sales and make relationships with your customers. Did you ever wonder why your sales are down or lower than you wanted? …

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Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis What is competitive analysis, and why should we care about it? It would be best if you compare your competition as it relates to your Internet space. To have a winning formula on the internet, you need to know exactly what your competition is doing. Are they using particular keywords, or are they …

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Online Marketing Strategy

Search Words Online marketing strategy Online marketing strategy is a must! What??? You don’t just put up a website, and they will come? NO… Really? Haha… That is what everyone is told to believe, and by whom? The answer is easy: webmasters that don’t know how to market on the Internet. Here you will learn …

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Contact Us

You can contact Infocard (Peter Brusso) by calling 714-931-8123 or email at Or you can use the contact form below for a more detailed communication.  

Affordable Website Creation

It is important to partner with a company that wants to work with your for many years; not just one website. That is why I make affordable website creation an option for all my clients. It’s not just the website that has to be affordable as that is really just one step to taking your company …

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Article Marketing

Article marketing is what is known as an off page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technique that does three things. First, the article is placed on a free high page rank article site. This gives us backlinks from this or these article sites. This helps us in the eyes of Google as an authority figure in …

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A list of our services follow with links to their individual pages:1) Keyword Research2) Competitive Analysis3) Website Construction4) Article Marketing5) Article Spinning6) Consultation Time7) Website Video Review (FREE)8) Social Media Channel Setup9) Social Media Operation10) Social Media Instruction11) Product: DIY website excel program12) Podcast Creation 

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