Competition Analysis Why?

Competition analysis is one of the most important things you can do in order to structure your business for success. You have to know what the competition is doing, what technology they are using, and don’t do what they do!

Below is an actual form we used to analyse competition. As you can see it's complicated but you can see what we found!

As you can see you must track the competition by performing a “competition analysis“. You can see if they are using video (people like to watch not read), what social media they are using, finding their keywords, backlinks, their woorank score, if they have podcasts, an onsite blog, and finally track any notes you make on the site.

All of this allows you to design your website to outperform your competition website. In addition, it helps to SEO your website!

One’s digital property is becoming more important than your brick and mortar physical site. Over 80% of consumers today start looking on the web first for their needs and 70% of those are using a mobile device to do so.

Also, they are shopping for the best companies and deals. So, that is why it’s so important to understand what your competition is doing and how to “outfox them” on the web.

We can help with that so the consumer choice is easy… your company over your competition!

Research the Competition

We start with your list of known competitior and couple that with our research...

It's even good to expand the search area

In the case of an attorney, clients can even go outside the local area for help. So you must keep in mind that you might have competition way outside your local area.

Create a matrix

You list all the companies you find and what technology are they using. This includes what keywords they have, what social media etc.

Look at it all

If you click on the matrix above you can see we track all kinds of data. What comes out of this effort is what they are not using so that gives us a way to be different!

Develop a plan

Once you see what they have it's time to plan your website strategy.

Your plan must go where the competion isn't!

From the competition matrix you can form a winning online strategy for your website and business.

That isn’t the case. A good competition matrix must include who we think is your real competition.

So many businesses think that. Then they spend thousands getting started only to find out they are not alone. Worse yet, when they find out about their competition many times the competition is doing things better than they are!

First, that is expensive and most likely not needed. You will not only sink costs into it but labor as well; and for what? You need to go where your competition isn’t and you can’t do that unless you know exactly where they are. Plus you need to see where they are heading… this way you can outsmart them.

Competition Analysis

Takes 30 days
$ 1000
One time fee
  • Discover your real competition
  • See what technology they are using
  • Make a plan that wins
A key must

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