Is social media marketing important?

Social media is a real need but it does change from platform to platform. You have to understand which social media platform best will fit your companies needs and values.

Social media is exploding!

Plus it’s playing such an important role in marketing your web-based properties. Heck, even your brick and mortar ones too! Why, well let me tell you… Social Media or (SM) isn’t new at all. What a shock but we have been doing business this way most of the human life time on this earth.

We always get to know people and if we like them then we have a level of trust with them. We ask their advice. We might ask them do they know a good meat market or dentist. We will take their suggestion over that of any paid ad!

So how do you use it for your business. Simple. Find the right social media channels for you and get on there. Start connecting and talking with other people. You have to remember a few things. First, every social media channel is like a country. It has it’s own language and customs.

Second, it’s a conversation not a sales pitch. You have to gain their trust before you would put out an offer. Now, if you are selling shoes for example you might ask for opinions on a particular shoe you have for sale. You will get opinions and you will get sales too. That is how it works in the simplest form. If you want to get into social media then do two things.

First, you might want to purchase me to professionally set up your social media channels. You don’t need a ton of them and some will never make sense with your business. Second, let me run them for three months to get some following. Finally, I’ll teach your or your staff how to run them.

What is social media?

Not only we have seen social media come into its own... more are on the way!

What is social media?

These are platforms where many people talk to each other. Its not email marketing which is one to many. Social media is a conversation.

Which platform is best?

That is a good question!

Which is best for you?

Each social media platform has its own specific rules and etiquette. So, you have to match what your company does with the fit of a social media platform.

Can I just use one?

Sure but one should...

We have to have a chance against the competition

It's important to match your company values, products, and service with the social media community. If not, you will not stimulate a good communication.

Social Media Marketing

$ 500
  • Post to approved SM channels
  • Strategic use of keywords
  • Stimulate sales
Very Popular

Social Media Setup

per SM channel
$ 250
One time fee
  • Determine the best SM Channel
  • Set up branding
  • Pass the set up to your staff
Take it away!

SM Instruction

1 to 2 days
$ 400
One time fee
  • Teach your staff the elements
  • Pass off all the steps for success
  • Work with all the SM staff

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They are known these days as web 3.0. It’s a community that is based on values and particular connections.

That really depends on many factors. Mostly centered around your companies goals, values, and offerings.

It really depends on your potential clients. For example if you have a product or service for young people, they have been leaving FB in droves. So you have to find where your potential clients really are!