Affordable Website Design

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Is it possible to get an affordable website? YES… for sure it is. I charge by the page so you can have a nice website that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. 

It is important to partner with a company that wants to work with you for many years; not just one website.

That is why I make affordable website creation an option for all my clients. It’s not just the website that has to be affordable as that is really just one step to taking your company successfully onto the web.

With a good, not over the top, a website with good keywords; all these things can really make a difference in your success on the Internet.

For most companies that will build you a website, it starts at $5,000 and moves up from there.

I understand that some websites need to be or have lots of people working their magic and thus the cost. I’m trying to hit the sweet zone for small businesses that need affordable website creation; as well as, keyword research, social media channels, and the like.

Thus you will find my prices extremely affordable. And in the long run, we can keep adding things we need as we go along so again, it’s affordable for a budget but yet starts to develop our digital properties on the Internet.

Affordable websites?

Yes...every business needs one!

Grow your business

These days every company needs a website but can you get an affordable one? Yes, I do websites by the page so if you need a 5 page website it will cost you $1,000... that's it!

Only the pages you need

As I build by the page you get only what you need plus can afford!

Only what you need

In the beginning you have to have a website and later it must grow. However, in the beginning you need a web presence but maybe not a full blown website yet!


As your business grows you will need to...

Expand your website

This can be done page by page or opt into my DIY program where you can build your own website.

You can get your company website built one page at a time as you can afford them.

The minimum size of a website is usually 5 pages. So that is what you start with and add as you need more pages.

It’s the fastest way to get web presence for your company!

Affordable Website Design

per Page
$ 200
per page
  • Get up and running quickly
  • Affordable
  • Add pages as you need them

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