Frequently Asked Questions

The affordable website comes from a simple and clean design so we don’t spend a ton of time on the design itself but rather positioning the website to be Google friendly. We believe it’s more important to do business, generate emails, or generate calls rather than try to win a site design award.

Google is in the business of relevant data from a question or search query. So, by finding the correct keywords for your industry, putting them into the right places on your website, then notifying Google of the changes allows them to visit the site and see we are Google Friendly. It allows Google to know we are playing by the rules and wanting them to understand exactly what the website is all about.

YES. Good keywords are at the heart of everything you do on the web. Without good keywords, your site will never be found in an organic Google search. Couple this with good Off-page SEO campaigns and you will, in time, enjoy a bunch of qualified free traffic heading to your site. We also use those keywords on other web 2.0 properties such that they all get linked back to each other. Google likes that as it verifies what your website is all about via the use of these keywords plus backlinks.

Backlinks are links from other sites back to your site. If someone likes your site then they usually give you a backlink to your site. Links are very strategic for Google to see that not only do you link out to sites but that other sites link back to you. The higher the PR or Page Rank of the backlinks to your site the better.

PR or page rank is a score given a website. This score is a Google thing but is really important to follow. Every website comes out with a PR of 0 and over time it can gain in PR. The upward movement of the page rank is based on many factors but several of them are: how many pages you add to your site every month, how many backlinks you are getting from them, and also the PR of the linking domains or websites. PR is a metric, if you will, of your activity in the market niche that your website is in. Thus, we always want you to be a market leader in your industry and your PR will climb. One quick way is to be an active blogger both on and off your site. Another way is to concentrate on off page SEO campaigns to bring in backlinks to your site.

YES it does. However, you have to do it by the rules or else your site could be “delisted”. That is why you want to work with an expert in this field as they know the rules and most likely you don’t. SEO is so powerful that if you do it wrong it can blow you off the Internet map altogether. Worked correctly it can move your site up onto the first page of an organic Google search for your keyword.

A keyword must have three things, as a minimum…first, it is searched daily as in over 500 daily searches, second, it must have a low competition rating. That is less than 200,000 other web pages using that keyword, and third, it must have a good commercial index value or CIV. The CIV or keyword must have been used to purchase something on a website or lead to that purchase. CIV stops just lookie-loo’s from visiting your site.

Yes, you can but let me ask you would you do your own laser eye surgery too if you needed it? You get the point. You should be doing what you do best and let the other experts who want to help you do what they do best.

Yes. The WordPress templates customized are the state of the art these days. The power of WordPress is the thousands of developers supporting WordPress and the plugins that really give more functionality to your website. We can even make it that you can support your own website after we get it all set up. We make videos showing you how to edit your site and add both pages and blog posts, which are so important for SEO.