Competition Analysis

Competitive analysis sm Competition Analysis is one of the most important things you can do for your digital property. It’s important to understand what your competition is doing on the web and what technologies they are using. There are some major categories to consider when you do a competitive analysis. 


Here is a picture of the area’s I consider:

Comp analysis picuture


As you can see you should track if the competition is using video (people like to watch not read), what social media they are using, finding their keywords, backlinks, their woorank score, if they have podcasts, a onsite blog and finally track any notes you make on the site. All of this allows you to design your website to outperform your competition website.

Your digital property is becoming more important than your brick and mortar physical site. As over 80% of consumers today start looking on the web first for their needs and 70% of those are using a mobile device to do so. Also they are shopping for the best companies and deals. So, that is why it’s so important to understand what your competition is doing and how to “out fox them” on the web.

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