cropped-HR-Staff.jpgI will consult with your company or webteam too. I don’t just do websites but rather I do marketing and I use websites as one of the many tools I use. I have built countless companies in my day, all from scratch and I know how to make money building companies. Sometimes it’s nice to have an outsider look at what you are doing and give you some fresh pointers on how to move forward to grow your business. I have taken many physical companies and doubled their income in a few short months. I can do that for you too.

Take for example one of my Canadian clients who had a website for over 10 years. They never made any sales off the website. After working with me for 6 weeks; their first year annual sales from the website was $185,000 dollars! Within three years it was at $720,000 in sales from the website. Do I know what I’m doing? What do you think?

Another client of mine was a two shop computer repair company. They made only $1500 per month income for three years. Within the first 20 days of me taking that over their monthly sales were $11,200 per month! Again, I think I know what I’m doing and I can help you too. Give me a call or email from the contact us page.