Get killer website traffic
Get killer website traffic.

I know everyone wants to get killer website traffic. That is obvious, so how do you do it? In this blog post, I will show you what we call matched URLs (domain name). 

First, let’s look at how Google determines who will go on the front page of a Google search. Now, many factors go into their algorithm, which they keep private, but one thing is for sure… whatever Google sends back from a Google search must be relevant to the search question. If you want to know about webmasters and you query Google, it comes back with used cars… there is a problem with the Google Algorithm!  

Now we know that never happens, so how does Google know what to show? The first place they look, in my opinion, is for a match of the keywords in the question to that of a domain with those keywords in it. For example, if we want to know about computer repairs in Indio, CA, Google will look for any URL that has “computer repair and Indio” in it.

Thus a matched URL like “ would be high on their list of websites for that query. Now, if you can’t purchase a matched URL because someone else has it, then you can just add a word like “site” to the URL and that will work for Googles “match URL search.” For example, would be high on their search results for “computer repairs in Indio, ca.” 

Now for the really cool part. Top Level Domains (TLDs) have recently started to come out with “market-driven” names. For example, a new TLD is .coffee! So if you have a coffee house and have a client as such, you can have your name. Coffee as a URL. Perfect match for Google to place you on top of a search for a good cup of coffee! So here is a link to some of the TLDs that are coming soon [click here]…

There you will see some of the up and coming domains that you can grab to really help “get killer website traffic“! If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call me on this concept.

Dr. Peter Brusso