keywordsKeyword importance is still alive; however, many experts say it’s dead.

It’s not dead!

My recent reading led me to see online experts claim keywords placed in ad copy (words on a webpage or blog post) is dead. I always have to smile at that because keyword or keyword phrases are still as important to relevant search as ever before… ask Google.

The real dilemma comes from quality content being king for traffic to your website. So this article will show the pros and cons of quality content and how to use it properly!

First, most people will say that blog posts or webpages should be at least 300 words or more. I’m not sure that is true because people are getting lazy and don’t want to read a ton of material. However, there is a group that says if you are interested in the topic, then there is no such thing as too many words. The truth is in the middle.

I would suggest that you keep all blog posts or web page content be kept down to 3 to 5 sentences per paragraph where possible. Some people see lots of words in a paragraph and will not read the information. However, if broken down into “visual reader bites,” the smaller number of sentences in a paragraph will result in videoalmost everyone reading the material. So keep it short and relevant!

Consider this: if you have good quality content to share, consider doing a video rather than large amounts of words. People tend to like to watch videos when compared to reading. That isn’t always true, but many of the population prefer to watch a video in contrast to lots of reading.

Regardless if you use lots of words or a video or both, always remember to add your keywords and “tags” on the videos. YouTube is where you usually put your videos, and they want you to use keywords so people can find your video. However, what keywords are for a website “tags” are for videos. They are both still critical for people to find your content and enjoy your message.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment below!

Dr. Peter Brusso