bullseye1) 101 small business mastermind podcast. This is a great podcast if you have a small business or think you might have one. Each week we explore topics that you can use RIGHT NOW to help your business. 

2) Ever need to protect yourself or you family? Well, look no farther than It's a tool that Peter Brusso invented that can keep you safe in the event of a personal attack or even home invasion.

3) Need some great legal protection? Then head over to Richard Bentley's website:

4) Jiffy Wagon was another great client who I helped build his website and later drive traffic to it. Please take a visit to

5) This is my most successful client thus far and you can visit their site here. It has new owners who have not kept up with what I taught the earlier owners so it is what it is now.

6) I took this company from making only $1,500 a month for over three years to $11,200 in my first 20 days there to help them. The have kept growing for the last three years and are wonderful people!

7) Finally I love this group of people too. A great help to my business and a fantastic resource.

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