bullseye1) 101 small business mastermind podcast. This is a great podcast if you have a small business or think you might have one. Each week we explore topics that you can use RIGHT NOW to help your business. https://www.101smallbusinessmastermind.com 

2) Ever need to protect yourself or you family? Well, look no farther than https://www.pdws.biz. It's a tool that Peter Brusso invented that can keep you safe in the event of a personal attack or even home invasion.

3) Need some great legal protection? Then head over to Richard Bentley's website: https://www.richardbentley.us.

4) Jiffy Wagon was another great client who I helped build his website and later drive traffic to it. Please take a visit to https://www.jiffywagon.com

5) This is my most successful client thus far and you can visit their site here. It has new owners who have not kept up with what I taught the earlier owners so it is what it is now. https://www.lewiswinch.com

6) I took this company from making only $1,500 a month for over three years to $11,200 in my first 20 days there to help them. The have kept growing for the last three years and are wonderful people!  https://www.computerrepairco.net

7) Finally I love this group of people too. A great help to my business and a fantastic resource. https://indiochamber.org/