Online marketing strategyOnline marketing strategy

Online marketing strategy is a must!

What??? You don’t just put up a website, and they will come? NO… Really? Haha…

That is what everyone is told to believe, and by whom? The answer is easy: webmasters that don’t know how to market on the Internet.

Here you will learn about what it takes to market your business on the web and why. It will be an overview, so you don’t get overwhelmed, but you will come away with what it takes to succeed on the Internet.


First, there are keywords. What are they? Keywords and we have several articles on https://www.infocard.cc, that talk more in-depth about keywords, but keywords are the words that people would use to find your website. 

Think about it… when you go to Google or the like, and you want to find some product, service, or business, you type in something. That is a keyword or key-phrase, and that is what your website needs to have to be found. Some tools must be used to find keywords you can actually rank for, so see our article when ready. These keywords must be found scientifically by using a good keyword search tool. Then they must be placed in eight locations on your website and used across your social media with links back to your website.

Second, there are social media. Most popular and important are blogger.com, YouTube, Google +, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Let’s look at each one individually.

          Blogger.com is an offsite (not on your website) blogging platform. It is fantastic and fairly easy to use. Why use it? Google.com owns it. Google needs fresh content to serve to search requests, and what better way is there than to search their own properties for this fresh content. Great place to use your keywords on your posts and link back (backlinks) to your website.

          YouTube.com is a great place to put your videos and link them back to your website. You can also use your keywords on YouTube (tags); plus, Google.com also owns this property. Another great place to be seen by Google to get rankings for your keywords. You can also embed your videos on your website for free, plus embed them in your Blogger.com blog! Great links and creates a link wheel, which Google loves.

                    LinkedIn is also great if you are a professional. It works much like Facebook and Google +, as you post to your timeline on LinkedIn, which anyone who follows you will see your posts. You can place your blogger posts there too!

          Facebook is another great place to post your blog posts plus videos, and shortly, Google will be looking at Facebook posts for search results.

          Twitter is also a great place to place your blog posts, and again they are talking to Google to allow them to “spider” twitter for content.

          Finally, Pinterest… which is 60% women users, so if your product is pointed at women customers, a gold mine it is! Pinterest is a “visual” search engine so have great pictures or infographics ready to go!


Third, there is podcasting (audio or video; however, video is best) to be used on your website and across your social media. People like to watch and not read these days so give them what they want. Google and Facebook love videos, too, so it’s a natural place to put them and get backlinks.

So, in short, (Online Marketing Strategy), you need to use all the available tools to promote your website and business. This is a great beginning of an online strategy, and there is more you can do. I will cover more in the next online marketing strategy blog post…

Peter Brusso, PhD.