Podcasting both audio and video!

Podcasting is such an important thing to do these days. No one likes to read anymore but the do love to watch video! So, we do our podcasts as videos and put them on Youtube with your keywords.... presto, you are a rock star!


Podcasting is a very important thing to embrace to build your business. Now it's not difficult at all. I have some DIY stuff coming up to show you exactly how to do them and why. So stay tuned and I'll get that good stuff out to you! Remember to sign up for my newsletter because I'm actually going to start producing them! Shoot, imagine that?


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I have added a sample podcast from 101smallbusinessmastermind.com for you to see what a podcast looks like.... it's below. Or come get on board now!


Podcasting from the city club at bunker hill!

If you look at what is happening on the web, Facebook and Twitter are now moving more toward video!  If video wasn't the right answer do you think they would be moving that way? Of course not. Recently Amazon has just put up a website video presence to rival YouTube. So all the big boys see what video can do for you and your web traffic. Now, I have been saying this for many years, a visionary maybe, but it's with out doubt now that video is the way to go.

Video doesn't need to be expense!

There are lots of ways to make videos these days. One great way is to use a website service call Zoom.us. They are set up for meetings mostly and you can record them automatically without any screen capture software like Camtasia. However, you should have at least some video editing software and most computers come with that capability today. Mac has iMovie and windows has "windows media maker". These will do just fine for YouTube videos that can be put up on your YouTube channel and then embedded into your website like we do here. If you are a corporation you might want to get a better video editing software or video production professionals. Either way video is the way to go and don't wait any longer!


Sample Podcast