Social Media Channel Setup


I will professionally set up your social media channels for $250 per channel. The means all the artwork, look, touch, and feel plus any keywords.


Social media creation: I will do all the artwork and professionally set up your social media channels. Remember, you don’t need a ton of them, and go see the “social media” page on the site. Each channel will cost you $250 dollars per channel for me to set up. After that either I can run them or you can. Don’t know how? Then I can teach you for an hourly fee. If you need four channels set up it will be $1000 USD. So if you order this, use the “quantity” as the number of channels.


What goes into setting up a channel? Good question! Each social media (SM) channel is vastly different in their set up. Some are friendly where others had drunk programmers who messed the whole thing up. Honestly, it takes so much time to get them set up right and professional it isn’t silly. I have a number of understudies and when I told one about the fee… he laughed. So I said ok, go set up your own social media right now so I can see it. 5 hours later… he called back with just one! It’s not easy but if you want to set them up and I run them; I can do that too. But remember that people who use social media can see the good, bad, and amateur. They don’t trust an amateur so they will go follow and purchase elsewhere.


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