Top 9 mistakes people do with their website video

keywords pictureKeyword research is the single most important thing you can do for your website properties. You here some people say SEO is dead. That couldn't be farther from the truth. In fact think about it; every time you go to a search engine and put a word or phrase.... that's a keyword.

If Google brought back junk for you to look at they wouldn't be in business very long; would they? Precisely! Those are keywords or phrases that they have associated with a web property. The trick is if you just let them figure it out they can grab almost anything. So what we do is scientifically find keywords that you can rank for and thus get in good standing for searches using those keywords.

For a keyword to be a good keyword there are four parameters we look at. First, is it popularly searched? It's no good to use a keyword that no one searches for. Second, it must have a low competition value. Otherwise the competition for ranking for that keyword would be to stiff.

We need to see no more than 150,000 competitive webpages for that keyword or it will just be far too difficult to rank for you. Third, we look at the "title and anchor" optimization for that keyword. What this means is how many of the 150,000 competitive web pages are actually optimized for that keyword.

That makes a huge difference for Google. And Forth, did anyone purchase anything using that keyword. If you want to sell on your website you don't want "lookie-loos" and spend time/money to push that kind of keyword out there on your properties. 

Now if you already have your site and are fine with your web team; then fine. If they don't hunt for the right keywords for you then you will not have the traffic that a good keyword research can get you. I can find those keywords and hand them over to your team. Plus I can instruct them where to place them in the site to make it "Google friendly" which is one of the main things we do. Head over and purchase a Keyword Research Module today and in two weeks I can have you that hand full of good, quality, and potentially high traffic keywords for your site. 

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