Strategy and more…

strategiesThe strategy for your website or better yet your web properties is vital to your success. No more is it build it and they will come. 

For example you might want a number of microsites or landing pages that orbit your main website just like a hub with spokes going out to your other properties. Why would you want this? 

First it will allow you to highly optimized landing pages that will then transfer that traffic to your main website. A highly optimized landing page is optimized for one keyword and that is it. Thus you have a good chance to get that landing page into a good position, in time, in a search engine.

Microsites can function much the same way but that have more than one page. The are considered a vertically oriented website that means it's highly focused on one part of a market segment. 

At any rate there are lots of options to discuss once we have our first consultation to discuss your business. 

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