Important videos from infocard

Important videos from infocard


Learn from our important videos from Over the years we have made lots of great podcasts and we have them on this page for your enjoyment.

Important videos from infocardYou can also see other super great business videos over on one of our podcast site 


Videos are king!


Videos have become one of the most important things you can do for your website or online business. YouTube is no accident as people love to watch and really don't want to read anymore. Following close behind YouTube is Facebook and Twitter all with their trend of video preference over the written blog post. Recently Amazon has even opened a "YouTube" look a like to push video out there and gain traffic. They even boast about it... that is clients should use video on their website to accent their Amazon based store! Video has been up and coming for years and now it's here to stay.


Along with video's you can now place your keywords in the videos; but they are called tags. They are the same thing as keywords or key phrases. Using tools like Market Samurai you can find killer keywords and phrases you can rank for via the search engines. Although I will admit it takes some time to learn and to find those keywords or key phrases, it can be worth it to increase traffic to your website organically (not paid). 


Videos can also convert visitors to paying customers so you must always keep that in mind. The rule of thumb goes keywords first, then social media with those same keywords, then concentrate on making your site conversion friendly. What do I mean? Well what is the job of your website? It's to get visitors to call, purchase or email you! Nothing short of that should be the goal and one way to do that is focus on your call to action. Never underestimate a good call to action!

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