Consultation time per hour


My hourly consultation fee is $200 and can be used over several meetings if necessary. Please see the main description for all the details. 


Yes.. if you want to strategize or work on some upgrades of your website then this is what you want to select. For many of my existing clients, I upgrade, add too, and consult for a block of hours. The fee for my time is $200 per hour. So if you want me to talk to you, your business manager, your website guys/gals, then choose this option. I bill in 1-hour increments which is fair and industry standard. You don’t have to use all the time in one session either. If we start talking and things become more clear, you might want to go look things over and gather more questions. Then we can resume where we were. Easy and the best way to help you! The hourly fee is $200 per hour. 


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