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Podcasting is like having your own TV or radio station on the Internet. You can use podcasting for your business in one of two ways. First, you could showcase your business or a product like an infomercial. Second, you can have guests on your show so you can get to know them. After the podcast, you can always call them to do some business with.

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Podcasting can be a great boom to your business. There are several ways to think about podcasting. One way to use podcasting is to showcase your business in a very clever way. By using it to showcase your business you are actually selling but using a “discussion” format, it looks like you are educating and not selling.

The second way to use podcasting is to invite people on your show who you want to do business with. By being on your show he/she will get to know you. After we produce the podcast and post it we can send them a link. Usually, they are so excited about being on a podcast they show it around work and to their friends. Next time you need to talk to them about doing some business you can bet they will take your call! 

Infocard will record and produce your podcast. You can then put it up on your youtube site or we can do that for you. Cost is $250 per podcast.


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